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Custom Size/Shape

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Because every one is unique with their own tastes, preferences, and history, sometimes a "stock" size and shape just won't do.

I can create something totally different and amazing specifically for you. 

Some properties have a unique feature that makes them stand out. Blueberry Hill for example: they had numerous blueberry bushes growing on the property hence the name "Blueberry Hill". This sign, the chickadees represent members of the family and I showed them a number of images and each member got to choose their own. 

Pricing is dependent on size, details, colours, etc so each will have to be priced individually, contact me with your ideas and I'll make them come true. 

This one was done at 32" high x 48" wide. The birds, blueberries, leaves, are all 3d routed in an inset dish. The letters are engraved around the perimeter. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to inquire about customization options.