What size of sign do you need?

How big do you go?

The rule of thumb is: bigger is sometimes better!

When you're driving down a road, you're often 20 feet or more from a sign and travelling at 50 kph or more. The farther away you are and the faster you are going, helps determine the size, colours, etc.

I recommend the following:
If you're on a small gravel cottage road, and want a sign at the end of your driveway, you don't want anything smaller than 12" high x 24" wide. 

If you're on a main road, and the speed limit is 60 kph or more, you want something bigger, something no smaller than 17" high x 34" wide.

If you want something mounted to the side of the cottage, say, right by the front door, something around 8" high x 20" wide works well. 

If you want something for the side of your trailer, something around 6" high x 16" wide should suffice. Many people mount them right next to the door and you should measure the space next to the door because quite often there's a window right there that you have to fit between.

If you are unsure, please contact me and together we'll figure out what works for you.