Theme of your sign:

I like to design signs based on the personality of the customer and the type of cottage or business you own.

Are you the social type who always has plenty of friends and family around? Something more light hearted would suit you.

Are you located in a high end area with Bentley's and Mercedes in the driveways? 

Are you into water sports, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing? 

Is there a particular feature of your property? Like a big rock, towering pines, birch trees? I can incorporate that feature into your sign.

A perfect example is a sign I made for a family on Vancouver Island. There was a pod of Orcas that was well known in the area. I found an image of the pod online and incorporated each of the whales into it. They had distinctive features on their backs and dorsal fins. 

If you're looking for something rustic, or more cottagey, puritan pine stained background with forest green letters and border is more your style.

Something a little sharper, dark walnut background with white letters is very sharp.